John G. Dawson

History & services of Covenant Stones, Inc. & Christian Compassion Ministries

Broadening the scope of our ministry

December 20, 2018
John & Jane Dawson

After 25 years of elder care ministry, we are excited about the Lord's future work ahead for us!


Celebrating 30 Years of Ministry & Service

September 25, 2017
John Dawson

Amazing working with the Elderly all these years.


The Times of Change in our Lives

October 3, 2014
John Dawson

As a child growing up in Florida, I liked all the seasons but my favorite is Autumn –


Video: The Early Days of CCM

December 4, 2014

A video look back at the early days of our ministry


Our Son's Weddings

January 18, 2015
John Dawson

As a Minister, I am frequently asked about performing weddings. This last year I was honored to have that request come from my eldest son.


Christian Compassion Ministries (CCM)

has been serving our senior community in nursing homes, assisted living facilities and other elderly care housing for over 25 years. We ask for God's perfect will and your prayers in making this ministry successful.

Covenant Stones, Inc. 

has provided personal diamond and jewelry services since 1994. Without overhead costs we are able to make top quality jewelry available at competitive prices. As a result, we do not advertise or deal with the general public choosing rather to work exclusively through referrals from past clients, their families or friends.

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