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History & services of Covenant Stones, Inc. & Christian Compassion Ministries

Christian Compassion Ministries

Christian Compassion Ministries Inc. (CCM) has been serving our senior community in nursing homes, assisted living facilities and other elderly care housing for over 25 years. Beaches Chapel Church requested Chaplain John Dawson to file for our outreach to become a non-profit organization, so in 1994, CCM became a non-profit I.R.S. 501(c)3 approved charitable organization.

As a result, Christian Compassion Ministries expanded from its initial focus upon Avante nursing home in Jacksonville Beach, Florida to include sites such as: Edenbrook, Harbor Chase, Bentley Square, Ashford Court Assisted Living & Alzheimer Care Centers, Cypress Village, The Atria, Magnolia Manor (St. Mary’s, GA), Bay View (St. Augustine, FL), The Windsor, Pablo Hamlet, Pablo Towers of Jacksonville Beach Complexes.

Chaplain John also visits Hospitals, Rehab Centers, personal homes and he is “on call” to almost anywhere as possible including “middle of the night” emergencies.  One of their Chief Missions is to reach these elderly with the Gospel before they pass on and encourage the living to build upon their relationship with the Lord.

The Dawsons minister that the Lord desires a personal relationship with His people rather than “going through a form of religion“. Fortunately,  this mission has been successful and the Dawson’s are able to bless and encourage people to serve a living God who really loves them!  We offer practical help in directing people to programs and organizations and offer free counselling in areas where we have expertise. When a person has made their peace with God, their passing becomes an “End of Life Celebration” during their Memorial Service and/or Funeral ~ the idea is that there is a Heaven & it’s awesome!

This ministry proclaims and teaches that JESUS CHRIST IS LORD, that He came to fulfill the Law and then sacrificially die on the Cross so our sins could be forgiven through His shed Blood, that He actually Resurrected from the Dead, went into the underworld to recover the Keys of Death & Hades from Satan and that He presides over Heaven, sending His Holy Spirit to help, lead, and comfort His people & that He will indeed come again to earth to rule & reign that will surprise many!

A video from the early days of Christian Compassion Ministries


Christian Compassion Ministries (CCM)

has been serving our senior community in nursing homes, assisted living facilities and elder care housing for over 25 years.
Our ministry has been yet again hampered due to the new Covid outbreak as the elder care sites closed off their facilities to group meetings and even visitors are hindered from engaging the residents in person.
As these facilities were just beginning to consider group meetings, this new Covid variant has hit our community really hard. Several people we knew have recently died due to this last outbreak, so the plan of restarting group meetings has been postponed until further notice.

Covenant Stones, Inc. 

Since John became a gemologist in 1988, he has provided expert advise to people  who want to obtain an affordable engagement ring or other gift for their loved ones. Due to increasing demand, John formed Covenant Stones, Inc. in 1994 and continues to advise, consult and broker jewelry through a network of contacts throughout the world.  Our company does not advertise or deal with the general public, choosing rather to work exclusively through referrals from past clients, their families or friends.

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