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Why a Chaplain is also a Diamond & Rare Coin Broker?

As the Apostle Paul worked as a tent maker, John did not want charge people for his ministry work, so he desired to be self-supporting, creating his own viable business. John's South African wife’s Great Grandfather (Sir Thomas Cullinan) had owned the largest gem quality diamond ever found (over 3,000cts) in his Premier Diamond mine in Johannesburg. After he donated it to Queen Victoria, it was subsequently cut into a variety of shapes that are now found in the Royal Scepter and Crown of Great Britain.

His wife’s father, a Managing Director in one of Anglo American’s many companies, introduced him to the Chairman of DeBeers who suggested he look into that business. After completion of the diamond & gemstone courses offered using GIA materials, John became a certified gemologist and appraiser while living in Johannesburg. His own grandfather, having served throughout the world in the US diplomatic corps, instilled within him an interest in rare coins and stamps that he had personally collected. After inheriting his collection, John became more involved in numismatics as a rare coin broker trained him in understanding the various nuances of collecting and trading. Eventually he founded a company to facilitate these interests in gems and quality coins which has helped financially support the outreaches in serving people in the name of Christ.

Providing personal service since 1994

After working a stint with an import business representing a few select African, European and Israeli companies, John made several key international contacts and founded Covenant Stones, Inc. in 1994; initially located in his father’s (Carl D Dawson Sr.) law office complex on Adams Street in downtown Jacksonville, his father retired and sold the building, so the business was moved to a more desirable location within walking distance to the beaches of the Atlantic Ocean in North East Florida.

The company name was chosen as a diamond is often a tangible symbol of a “covenant of marriage” ~ John’s specialty is engagement rings and he often employs his pastoral skills to insure that the couple is actually ready to get married before he will offer to arrange to begin the process of procuring their "dream" ring.

This growing business brokers diamonds, jewelry and rare coins as requested by clients on an appointment basis.  The scenario works well as John’s day is otherwise filled with ministering to a wide variety of people and helping people deal with a variety of issues in the ever increasingly complexities of modern life in various locales.

Covenant Stones, Inc. has the distinct advantage of avoiding the typical overhead that retail stores are burdened with so our pricing is extremely competitive. In these 30 years of continuous operation, our clients are quite content with our services and often refer us to their family and friends!  We strive to insure that everyone is pleased with the outcome by striving to provide a positive experience with their transactions.  We do not advertise or attempt to work with the general public as we desire to concentrate our time and expertise to clients who appreciate individual attention. This process allows us to insure that each client's item(s) match their objectives and strive to satisfy each client with exactly what they are specifically requesting.  

The President and owner, John G Dawson, holds B.A. & M.A. graduate degrees, is a certified appraiser and certified gemologist and is able to produce professional appraisals that often offer a specific quote for immediate insurance coverage through J.M. Inc., one of the oldest insurance companies in America. Our premises and goods are insured even when travelling to and from a show or when being shipped. Our office is under constant protective surveillance by means of a nationwide UL listed alarm company.  

As our business model has been consistently successful, we continue to carefully focus upon working within our sphere of influence with interested clients often obtained through referrals from B2B relationships, prequalified clients and "word of mouth" recommendations from those who have appreciated our personal service in a comfortable environment offering confidentiality. Our record of consistently doing business for thirty years without complaint has earned our company a recognition of trust and an acknowledgement that we understand and can guarantee the genuine quality and reliability of the products we broker.

Examination of an item begins with a Gemscope


Graduate training obtained through the Jewellery Council of South Africa Gem Education Centre in 1988

  • Diplomas in Diamond Grading, Gemstone Identification, Pearl grading & Diamond, Gemstone & Jewelry Appraising
  • J.C.S.A. uses Gemological Institute of America (GIA) training materials


  • Full service Diamond & Gemstone broker with local & international wholesale suppliers & contacts
  • Customized in depth advice, experience and high quality results.
  • Appraisals of all types
  • Estate Brokerage & consignment
  • Insured through Jewelers Mutual  
  • A reliable source in having rare coins and gemstones authenticated and certified by TPG's

Memberships & Affiliations

IGS (International Gem Society )

GIA (Gemological Institute of America)

EGL USA (European Gemological Laboratory - USA)

PCGS (Professional Coin Grading Service ~ Platinum Member)

NGC (Numismatic Guaranty Company)

CAC Grading

ANACS (American Numismatic Association Certification Service)

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