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Broadening the scope of our ministry

John & Jane Dawson
December 20, 2018

In the twenty-seven years of dedicated service to the elderly, their caregivers, families, and others, we have often been told that folks were truly benefitted and wonderfully touched by the Lord. We can honestly say that we have seen many miraculous answers to prayer; this year we prayed for a woman laden with cancer; now her PET scans show NO cancer! Our favorite answered petition was "laying hands in prayer" on Dan & Virginia; they had wanted a child but after five years of marriage there were no results. As we prayed, we felt a rumbling in Virginia's tummy and ten days later she was pregnant with our granddaughter Vivienne. Vivie is now walking and we trust she will love a sibling that is coming in the near future.

As society changed due to Covid, most of the venues where we held group services closed so we constantly look for ways to expand our outreach to anyone who needs to hear the Gospel and consider making Jesus Christ their Lord and Savior. It is clear to us that there are many specific end-time signs (beyond the "pestilence" of covid) that point to end time prophecy being fulfilled such as the regional Peace treaties with Israel as well as Jerusalem being accepted as Israel's capitol. These events are unique and we pray that people wake up and see what is happening!

There is a shaking throughout the world's societal, political and financial found-ations. It is amazing to us that so much confusion is being sowed in racial and sexual orientations. It will soon become a hate-crime to mention normal Biblical mandates in this country as it already is in Canada and Europe with steep fines and jail time. We have taken all these happenings as clear signs that it is time to expand this ministry’s focus or perhaps even join with another ministry.  For now Covid has caused us to minister to the elderly on a smaller scale until things get better.

We are very grateful for your past participation during these many years in helping us share the gospel of Jesus Christ to an older generation!  We trust that treasures in Heaven await us and God knows that the foundation that we have built on is sound and sure, prepared for an expansion into a bigger work.  May our good Lord lead us all in right paths for His Name’s sake towards doing what eternally really matters to Him!

Christian Compassion Ministries (CCM)

has been serving our senior community in nursing homes, assisted living facilities and other elderly care housing for over 25 years. We desire to continue this outreach to our residents and are often asked to serve in additional facilities. We ask for God's perfect will, your prayers and any involvement that the Lord leads you to offer to make this happen! Covid outbreaks have presently closed down our access to all elder care sites so we work with individuals taking them to Dr. appointments or what ever we can do to encourage folks during this difficult time.

Covenant Stones, Inc. 

has provided personal jewelry services since 1994. Without overhead costs typically associated with retail stores, we are able to make top quality jewelry available at competitive prices. As a result, we do not advertise or deal with the general public choosing rather to work exclusively through referrals from clients, families or friends.

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