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Changes in the World of Assisted Living

John Dawson
November 15, 2015

All of the Assisted Living Residence facilities that we minister to have recently adopted a policy of separating the Dementia & Alzheimer’s residents from the elderly that are presently cognitive.  In that process, decisions have been made that incoherent folks are not permitted to socialize in group settings with the cognitive residents for various reasons; this also includes Church services.

As a result of these changes in policy, we have been increasing our ministry into the Dementia & Alzheimer’s populations at Cypress Village, The Windsor at San Pablo and starting this month at Ashford Court (pro bono of course); this new service occurs following our 11:00 AM service at Ashford Court.

When a resident faces increasing cognitive disorders and is then placed into an unfamiliar locked down environment with people in like condition, it can be rather unsettling.  However, we provide a comforting continuity for them as they still recall who we are, the old Hymns we sing together, and their Lord & Savior Jesus Christ!

We currently conduct 3 services on Sundays, 3 services on Tuesdays, and 2 on Thursdays in conjunction with the Beaches Ministerial Association.  We continue to  provide visitation in rehabs, hospitals, & personal room visits throughout the week.

Christian Compassion Ministries (CCM)

has been serving our senior community in nursing homes, assisted living facilities and other elderly care housing for over 20 years. We desire to continue this outreach to our residents and are often asked to serve in additional facilities. We ask for God's perfect will, your prayers and any involvement that the Lord leads you to offer to make this happen!

Covenant Stones, Inc. 

has provided personal diamond and jewelry services since 1994. Without overhead costs typically associated with retail stores we are able to make top quality jewelry available at competitive prices. As a result, we do not advertise or deal with the general public choosing rather to work exclusively through referrals from past clients, their families or friends.

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